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Application Process

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The last few weeks I have been busy. I've started applying for jobs and I have been contacted by a couple of recruiters. But the scariest thing is that yesterday I received my final payment for my maternity leave. From here on out I have to make my own money.

Going forward I am going to work a few hours every Monday-Thursday searching for work. Each application takes a bit of time. I first have to find something that sounds like it would fit with what I want to do and then I try to do a bit of research on the company. I’ve noticed that finding the name of the person I’m applying to is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Then I take some time to create a cover letter for the job posting. Of course I have a template but each job wants specific skills and so I tailor the letter to include examples of how I’ve used the specific skills they requested. The last couple I’ve done have taken an hour each time. I’m sure I’ll get faster at it as I start to apply for more positions.

I think, as I start to try to make a real go of this business, I will need to spend a decent amount of my work time finding contracts. After spending 9 years with the same company, I know I can do the work. But I haven’t had to apply for jobs in a long time. And I haven’t had to interview either. But that’s another blog post.

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