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Christmas Season Slump

I know I'm not alone when I say I have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks. I'm getting ready for Christmas, trying to do Christmas-ey things with my baby, trying to find work, trying to write another blog, trying to keep my house clean, dealing with the seasonal colds. Everything is all adding up to very limited time for sleep and some things slipping.

I haven't done as much with my contract business over the last few weeks as I would have liked. I've been really focusing on my other blog since I'm taking my baby to a lot of interesting events around town so I've had a lot to write about in that sphere. Unfortunately that leaves me with less to write about here.

I haven't seen much yet from signing up for the Editors Canada membership but to be fair, I haven't quite finished my profile on the directory and I haven't been looking at the job list. It's the time of year when they stop meetings for a month and so I haven't gone to one yet.

Some of you are reading this and wondering, if I haven't done anything, why am I talking about it. Well, for a couple of reasons:

1. Failures are as important as successes. It's important to understand why you failed so you can move on and make something better next time.

2. It's super important to stay accountable. This is me, being accountable for my actions. I haven't done a lot in the last couple of weeks and it's time to start fixing that.

I'm going to have to let some things slide while Christmas is going on and I think this blog is going to be one of them. I don't see a lot happening in the next few weeks as Christmas draws closer. I'll keep working at a few things and, while this will be my last post here until the new year, when I come back, I will have more to tell you.

For now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here's to a new decade with new possibilities.

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