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Starting a Business with a Baby

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Last year, I had a job. I had worked at my job for 8 years and I enjoyed the work and the team. I live about an hour drive from my office each way and depending on traffic. I got pregnant and had my baby in November last year. Last Monday, I quit my job.

I knew that the hours and the travel to and from the office would not allow me the life I wanted to live with my son. Instead, I decided to do something that I had always thought about doing but never quite had the courage to do: start my own business as a freelancer.

After having worked in house for almost a decade, I know I have the skills it takes to do this work. I have worked from home and know what it takes to get me motivated to sit down and do the job. I know that I need someone to look after my son while I work because he is a handful and there is no way I could possibly get anything accomplished otherwise. My biggest concern is that I've never had to find my own clients before. I am good at what I do. I work quickly and efficiently. But how do I let people know that?

Where I'm starting

I have a website. I have a resume. And now I have a blog. I'm going to be joining the Society for Technical Communicators and rejoining (since my old job paid for my previous membership) the Editors Association of Canada. I have talked to a few friends who are successfully freelancing and they mentioned some job boards that I can look at. I need to get my business cards printed. There is so much to do and my Employment Insurance benefits from maternity leave are ending in one month.

It is at least partly who you know

I know a few people who are already freelancing. I know that if they have too much work, they will send it my way because they know how I work. The biggest thing going forward will be getting other people to know my work and really to know me. Getting my name out there.

It's going to be a long, difficult road. I'm terrified. But also very excited to start this journey.

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