• Sarah Neeson

The Money Anxiety

It's scary to think that in a few short weeks I will no longer be receiving a bi-weekly paycheck. I have had consistent income since I started working when I was eighteen years old. I admit that there are mornings when I wake up before my baby and I just lie there, unable to fall back to sleep, because I keep thinking about the risk I'm taking and about the bills I still have to pay. I imagine this fear is at least partly the reason why so many people don’t try to go into business for themselves. The benefits of working for myself are numerous.

Working from Home

After working for 9 years in an office that is about an hour drive from home, working from my home office has a lot of appeal. Making that drive every day adds a lot of stress to my life. Stress that can interfere with my ability to work as well as enjoy my time not working. Working from my home office also means I can choose the environment that is most beneficial to my own working style. This means no co-workers distracting me by telling me their plans for the weekend. It also means I can blast the music if it helps or keep it silent.

Choosing my Hours

Sometimes 9-5 doesn’t work. The work I do is very detailed. I have to be paying very close attention to what I’m reading or writing to ensure I don’t make or miss any mistakes. It can be very helpful to work for a few hours, take some time away from the project, and then come back to finish the day later. I admit that part of this is because I have a baby that I still need to take care of. If I can work around his sleep schedule I can spend more time with him each day and also I can pay less for the times when he needs to be in daycare, which is obviously important since I’m already concerned about money.

So What Am I Doing?

I’ve spent this week trying to lower the amount of stress I have with regards to money. I redid my budget. I know now how much money I must make each month to cover the most basic of my essentials. I know what I will want to have in addition to that money in order to cover things like saving for retirement and for future large expenses. I removed things from my budget that were not strictly necessary at this point, different savings. For the first few months I am going to be focusing on ensuring I make the minimum amounts I need.

To do that, this week I have been working hard to make sure that I will be able to apply for jobs. My LinkedIn profile is complete; I created an Indeed profile; I tweaked my website to continue making it better; I completed my resume. But most importantly, I found a job I will be applying for. It sounds like it will be a good fit for me, but we’ll see.

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